Friday, April 10, 2009

Personal Thought for the Day # 17

I wonder if craving carbohydrates is a sign of anything. Or, is it just the "State o 'Maine"?


  1. I think it's a sign you are part of the human race (or at least an American). I'm not sure you wanted a serious answer to this but...

    I've felt completely carb addicted at times, and actually had Dr. Atkins as my doc for a few years before his death. I was not going to lose weight, but to work with shifting my body chemistry away from those cravings, since diabetes runs heavily in my family. I loved him... he took a personal interest in my case and spent all the time in the world with his patients. Had a great nutritional advisor, etc... ahead of his time, and gone too soon.

  2. Craving carbs is real. As for why, I am not sure. But I get the feeling every evening.

  3. haha I always have cravings for carbs... its going to be weird going home and not eating pasta all the time!


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