Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blaming it on the Weather

OK, here's my rationale, my reason, my excuse, my whatever.....for why I did not get "out there" in March to bust butt and launch some serious training for the triathlon(s) coming up in July and August.

Did you know that the Seattle paper today reported March 2009 was the coldest March on record in the last 30 years? Well, no surprise. Those chilly winds, the incessant rain (and snow flurries), and the fact that my heating bill will be over the top (for the fourth month in a row) drives that little factoid home. And today? More of the same with highs only in the low forties and some flurries as I drove in to work. Huh?

We're into a new month now. I always like "flipping over" into the next month; it's a fresh start of sorts, I rationalize. Now, I've got to get out there and "do it" or bust. No matter that this body of mine feels like it has been through a meat grinder most days and aspirin is my best friend. If I was a decade (or two) older, I'd be convinced the underlying diagnosis for my woes would be polymyalgia rheumatica. This meat grinder myalgia syndrome of mine, alas, is the manifestation of generalized stress meted out on a mid life body.

Get out there, Kate. Go. And this ain't no April Fools!


  1. Go for it!! I am thinking of revitalizing my walking regime this spring.

  2. Gosh, it's hard to get started. Somedays I get on the treadmill because I can't do anything else. At the very least I'm doing something good for my body - and it does help my aches and pains. I sleep better, too.

  3. That silly Nike slogan really gotta just do it. Once you start you'll get hooked again. Promise.


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