Sunday, April 26, 2009


What a gorgeous Spring Day in Seattle! And, doubly wonderful because today is the day Miss Laura returns home from Florence. I spoke with her late last night Seattle time as dawn was breaking in Florence. Loaded down with 3 pieces of over-stuffed baggage to check and one enormous carry-on, her biggest worry was offloading the luggage into the care of Lufthansa. That hurdle past, the rest she felt would be a breeze. At 2:50 AM I received a text "Made it into Frankfurt" and then at 4:20 AM " I'm on to America! Ciao Europa! :)". She touched down in San Francisco around 3:45 PM today pumped up about being home again. "Gee, people are soooo helpful and friendly here; everyone was offering to help me with my bags."

The last leg of the journey should pass quickly. We'll meet her at Seatac in a couple of hours and then head home with the 4 overstuffed bags and one tired but exhilarated world traveler. Her choice for dinner? Vegetarian stuffed shells (a family fave), Caesar salad, and for dessert, strawberry shortcake. You got it, hon. Can't wait to have you home again!

Chris and Heather will join us for dessert tonight. Family re-united. What can be any sweeter?


  1. Beautiful spring flowers and a happy occasion!! I'm sure as I write this you're together now!! Best to all of you!

  2. What a lovely homecoming you have planned for her!

  3. woo hoo!! I bet you have waited for this day... well... since she left!

    Those flowers are beautiful! I can't wait to hear how things went, and maybe see a picture or two. yay for you!

  4. There is nothing sweeter! Welcome home, Laura.


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