Monday, June 28, 2010

Blog Fodder

Today in the dentist's office, the very lovely dental hygienist who I've seen for years asked me if I was planning any vacations this summer.  Having just returned from a trip to Hawaii, she shared with me her visit to the (former) leper colony on Molokai Island. I have to admit, if I was ever aware of this factoid, I've long since forgotten. Fascinating; a topic worthy of a google search to get up to speed.

My response was to say, "Yes, I'm going to a blogging conference in New York City. I'm a blogger."

Usually I'm not so forthright about my blogging interests but this seemed right, somehow. It almost felt weird to admit that I AM A BLOGGER but I suppose that's the truth.

She was interested but said she knew nothing about blogging and barely uses email, preferring instead to use the phone. I think there are (still) a lot of folks just like her who are totally floored by the entire concept of writing a blog and reading blogs of others.

I told her I write a "life blog" posting on whatever is going on and and seems "right" at the time. I could sense the wheels turning and truth be told my wheels were turning too....what would become blog fodder for today?

By late morning, I had a number of potential ideas brewing:
1. the leper colony on Molokai
2. the re-design of my web site (new template, photo, and colors); Like it?
3. the bloggers , the non-bloggers,  the blog readers, and the non-blog readers (got that?)
4. the rare privilege of teaching my 24 year old son something new today. (I'll save that for tomorrow perhaps)

It doesn't take much to pull something out of the air; a potential post comes from seemingly trivial moments in my day. All it takes is a spark of inspiration.

After messing endlessly with my blog layout today, I'm weary. The technical stuff is OK but the frustrated writer in me would much rather find that small kernel of a topic and pull words out of the squash and on to the screen. One after the next.

Ever satisfying.


  1. I love the new layout - it is very "clean" and easy to read. Nice work! I'm excited for the blogging conference to come back to Chicago so that we can spend some time in the city together. Actually, no "excuses" necessary - you are of course welcome at any time!

  2. Love this post and really excited about your NYC trip. Always learn so much at BlogHer and hey, we're in 'the city' too.
    We tend to be somewhat alike in thinking about blog topics - they spring from everywhere, form nowhere. I could write all day and may, after this particular consulting job is done.

  3. I read "The Colony" about Molokai. John Tayman is the author. You would enjoy it...lots of personal stories about the exiles, sad, but riveting. Extremely interesting. I've wanted to visit there since...I believe it has been made a national park.


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