Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Of Haircuts and Shrek-Colored Nail Polish

At the salon (said rather tongue in cheek as the place I frequent for a haircut is anything but fancy) today I not only got my usual short cut short(er) than I like but happened upon a display of  new O.P.I. Nail colors at the check out counter. Oh my.  I thought immediately of my sister. Why? 

She loves (as do I) this marvelous shade of yellow-green better known as chartreuse. I can't recall coming across quite this shade of luscious chartreuse in a nail polish in the past. I was tempted to buy this small bottle of perfection on sight. What a perfect summer color for toes peaking out of great summer sandals. She has several great pairs.

I don't give a hoot about Shrek but I surely do like this color called Who the Shrek Are You?  So, apparently, does Michelle at All Lacquered Up who posted all the featured colors from the Shrek palette.She wrote a followup post comparing the Shrek series colors nail to nail with a few other brands. Very sweet.

So, while I'm mourning (briefly...the difference between too short and just right on a hair cut is about a week), I'll think about buying this chartreuse green for the next pedicure.


  1. This is the new thing ~ last week a friend showed me her Shrek-inspired purple painted toenails. I knew there had to be a chartreuse option, as well. What fun!

  2. I haven't tried the Shrek lineup yet, but love OPI and am sporting Aphrodite's Pink Nightie this week. What a job that would be, making up nail polish names...


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