Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ramping up for the Annual BBQ

The meat fest is upon us. Plans for our annual Texas-style BBQ ramp up daily.

Denny's in charge of smoking the meat(s): beef sausage, brisket, chicken, pork shoulder, and pork ribs. He's also got the side dishes; potato salad, pinto beans, coleslaw. Plus the homemade BBQ sauce.

I'm in charge of preparing Fannie Flagg's bomb, from-scratch banana pudding; a double batch this year.

It's all good.


  1. Yummy! What day and time??? I wish we could be there for this feast! I'm glad to see that you Texans are including pork! Being from Alabama and Georgia. until we moved to Houston we thought there was only pork BBQ. (Whoever thought that you would actually have to use the word "pork" in front of BBQ?) Of course, we learned quickly that in TX, pork is not generally any Texan's first or second choice!

    The first time we ordered "BBQ ribs" we got these humongous gigantic ribs! We had never seen a pig that huge! That was quite a culture shock! When we asked for pulled pork or pork ribs, they would look at us like we had 3 eyeballs in our heads. We would always check, though.

    We ate some pretty terrific BBQ out there and learned to love it. It is funny how things are in different areas of the country. In TX, it was always easy to buy a beef brisket (actually in TX, you didn't have to put the word "beef" in front of "brisket"). Here, you have to plan ahead with the butcher and specify ahead of time. People don't buy entire briskets here!

    Ed would definitely want to participate with you all, too, but probably would enjoy a BBQ cook-off with Denny. He's gotten somewhat of a reputation here as a BBQ connosseur and chef. We will have to get the Big Green Egg fired up! When we were in Tennessee, Alabama, and NC last year, we spent quite a bit of money sampling all the BBQ and grilling sauces.

    I'm starved, thinking about it!

  2. Why oh why do I not live near you? This sounds like absolute heaven!

  3. My goodness, I wrote a long comment! It's longer than your blog entry. I must have really been hungry! I better get off this page, otherwise I'll go eat :)

  4. I remember reading about this feast last year and thinking how delicious it all sounded. I'm with Brenda ~ let's eat! Have fun, Kate.

  5. Oooh, boy!! My husband would envy yours! He is getting to be a good hand with the Weber, but he longs to expand.

    We're probably going to do a beer-can chicken tomorrow.

  6. Sorry I couldn't be there. I sure do miss Texas BBQ. There is nothing like it:)


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