Sunday, June 20, 2010

Had to Buy a JawBone

Earlier this month, state law in Washington changed with regard to cell phone usage while driving. Get caught driving and texting and you'll be pulled over and fined. Get caught driving and using a cell phone without a hand's free device and you'll be pulled over and fined. $124 per offense. I'm all for the new law. Driving is hard enough without all the distractions inherent to cell phones, not to mention the radio, chit chatting with passengers, and (god forbid) stuffing our mouths with a meal on the road.

Denny bought me the perfect hand's free device last weekend and the name is delightful: JawBone. This is a word I use constantly in my everyday vocabulary; truly. Never used in the context of facial anatomy but as a verb, "to jawbone". I'm not exactly sure where it comes from. Wikipedia and have no description of the word used as a verb except in the context of persuasion.

"The President jawboned the steel industry in to postponing price increases."

In my personal (weird) dictionary, to jawbone (often shortened to jaw) means to talk excessively, going on and on and on, embellishing. Sometimes good, sometimes annoying, the context will tell all.

But when I admit that I "got jawboned", I've been talked to death by someone over eager to tell me how the clock works when all I asked was for the time. LOL.


  1. HAHHAHAHA! You couldn't have picked a better named device!!! :) Love it!

  2. We've had this law in CA for over a year now, and boy, has my cellphone use gone down!!

    I got a bluetooth device with my new phone a couple months ago - still haven't used it.

  3. I love that word "jawbone"! I'm going to tell Mr. Ed that I need one, too!


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