Sunday, June 20, 2010

To My Dad....

Get your head out of your b_ _ _, Kate.

I get it. I get it. Three reminders within an hour remind me that I should be eternally grateful for what I have right here, right now. Here's my Dad with his youngest granddaughter, Miss Laura taken a week ago today.

Yesterday, I'm ashamed to say, I blogged about not really wanting to go to the group Father's Day party thrown by my parent's adult family home. As it turned out, the several hours I spent sitting next to my Dad, enjoying a nice meal, listening to a live band play swing music, and chatting about little or nothing of major importance was a blessing. I'm glad to have been there and feel the fool for even questioning the opportunity.

1. An E card arrived from my girlfriend Brenda wishing me a great day and commenting that she wished she could spend the day with her Dad who lives thousands of miles away.

2. A blog post caught my eye, written by Carolynn from A Glowing Ember. She shares a Birthday Card she received from her Dad in 2008; the last one and a treasure. He died earlier this year and there will be no more Father's Days with him.

3. A Facebook post from Tina; "On this first Father's Day without my father, I miss him and thank God for him".

"He's a good man", says "G", one of his primary caregivers, of my Father. I couldn't agree more. Love you Dad!


  1. Love that it all worked out so beautifully.

  2. Hey, we can feel both ways at once. And I usually do. Delighted to have this new relationship with Dad and it's also a struggle to watch him struggle and take part in his life as it is right now.


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