Saturday, November 6, 2010

24 Hours in Vancouver, B.C.

Denny and I drove up to Vancouver, B.C. yesterday and less than 24 hours later, it's time to head home to  Seattle. This was a quick trip; we could have stayed longer but that's not how we planned the mini-outing. Denny had a "Lawyer's Conference" to attend yesterday afternoon and this morning. I came along for the change of scene.

Vancouver is a great city worthy of more than a few hours look-see. We've passed through several times to pick up a cruise ship to Alaska but we've never stayed in a hotel, walked the downtown, or had a meal on the town. Last night we ate at Kirin, a Mandarin style Chinese restaurant. Fabulous. As Caucasians, we were in the minority; that's got to be good. Yesterday afternoon while Denny attended conferences, I walked the streets, checked out the shops and picked up a few chocolate bars and other candy/goodies that aren't available in the U.S. I'm in love with Crunchie Bars and Maple Leaf cookies.

The weather has been cloudy and rainy, breezy and cool. Lots of fall leaves, many trees entirely bare with blowing leaves everywhere. As the sun was setting in the late afternoon, there was a stunning rainbow lighting up the western sky. Here's what I saw from the hotel window.

Vancouver; I'll be back. I'll be back.


  1. The maple leaf cookies look good! (Tina)

  2. You can see why so many films are shot in Vancouver. It looks beautiful. Sounds like a fun excursion. Especially for chocolate! :)

  3. Vancouver is on our list of places to visit, as is Seattle. When we were in San Francisco four years ago, we met a guy who couldn't say enough good things about those two places and encouraged us to go the next time we were out that way. Definitely sounds like it would be worth the trip.

  4. I love Crunchie bars! They were at Bartells for awhile, but I doubt they are anymore. Were you able to snag me one ;)? PS! We should go to Vancouver sometime


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