Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some Wonderful Experiences Never Change

Don't you love to find an example of a wonderful dining experience that can be re-lived over and over again? No big changes over time, same friendly and efficient staff, great grub diner style, and the same fabulous view out the large windows.....this would be the Bay Cafe at Fisherman's Terminal in Seattle. We've been 'eating heavy' at this dockside restaurant featuring amazing omelets and other breakfast fare since first moving to the city some 20 years ago.

The only things that have changed in this time are the inevitable; we've gotten older (sigh) and the prices have gone up. I remember many an outing with two young kids in tow for a bust-your-gut breakfast, sitting in a booth looking out on the fishing boats docked just yards away. We still frequent the place, as empty nesters (like today) and with our grown kids. Son Chris takes his bride there regularly even though they live many miles to the south.

Today Denny and I split the California omelet as is our pattern. We rarely order anything else. This is a feast for two; how could one person eat all of this we wonder?  Good thing the staff is accustomed to bringing an extra plate to the table.  We're stuffed and will be just fine until dinner.


  1. You know, the last time we were in Seattle, we were driving up to the Ballard Bridge and I said, "We've never been to Fisherman's Terminal." I've driven past that exit for 20 years, never taken it.

    Maybe next trip we'll try it.

  2. I love the Bay Cafe! I miss it a lot... we should go there when I am home for Thanksgiving

  3. Looks like the kind of place my family would enjoy, too. We had a local favorite place for dinner for many years ~ it was the first place my boyfriend [later my husband] took me for dinner when he first brought me to Maine; and it was the first outing we took with our daughter after she was born and allowed to venture out into the world. Alas, the property was sold several years ago and the restaurant was razed.


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