Friday, November 12, 2010

Wanna Know What's Dumb?

Check for 10 (stinkin') cents
Dad received a refund check recently; overpayment on a medical bill. The postage was 44 cents. The cover letter indicated that he had overpaid his account and a refund was due. Hey, that's nice, I thought.

Sigh.  Ten measly cents. What's the point? Makes me wonder if he had overpaid by one cent if he'd get a check back for that too. What is the cut-off?  I guess there isn't one even when postage is 4 plus times the amount.


  1. You would think they would just "credit" his account like they do for credit cards haha

  2. I got a check from New York Life for $1.02 because I overpaid my life insurance for the month. Oy...what a joke.


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