Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Looking Back on Thanksgiving Weekend

Those five special days (Wednesday through Sunday) that cradle the greatest holiday of all lived up to expectation. Replete with gratitude, joy, family togetherness, great food, laughs, wine, and balanced by the bittersweet made for memories that stick.

It seemed that loved ones were coming and going very quickly; arriving to hugs and welcomes and leaving for home long before I was ready to bid goodbye.  We were 9 for the Thanksgiving meal and this year privileged to be joined by Heather's parents and brother. Plus, my 93 year old Dad who has not been in my home for a number of years was able to brave the weather and make it up the 12 steps into the house.

How could we have imagined a few years ago that we would sit around the Thanksgiving table with our son's wife and her family? Amazing how our lives change and grow to include wonderful new people. Heather and her family are a blessing to ours. We had to say goodbye to Wayne, Tina, and Tim on Friday morning but were thankful they could join us for the big meal and some extra together-time.

Although Chris and I had to work on Friday, Heather and Laura were able to hit the stores at Northgate Mall for the Black Friday sales. We all hung out together Friday night, heating a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers, watching TV and playing Catch Phrase.

By Saturday it was time for the "changing of the guard" as J.T. arrived from Houston (a whirlwind trip of less than 48 hours) and Heather and Chris headed back to Gig Harbor.

J.T. was in town largely to spend time with Dad. The highlight was getting Dad out for the church service on Sunday morning.  He was thrilled to have his son, daughter, and granddaughter sitting with him for the First Sunday of Advent. After church we took in Taco Time (was always a favorite of my Mom). I took a few pictures which tell the story. We must have been hungry, even for food that was.....well, Taco Time.

By Sunday night it was time to get Miss Laura to the airport for her flight back to snowy Spokane. By 4:30 AM Monday morning, J.T. was on his way back to Houston. The house which had been full of activity was suddenly very quiet. I'm left with wonderful memories.

I found myself missing Mom at odd moments through the weekend. I could tell Dad was missing her as well although he didn't say much. On Thursday morning as the cooking turkey filled the house with wonderful aromas, my ears were tuned  to the songs of tiny birds, dozens of them, twittering about in the crab-apple tree outside our front door.My Mom, lover of  all birds, was there. I know she was.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful celebration of family.

  2. Wonderful commentary on your Thanksgiving weekend. So, so glad Dad could be a big part of it all.

  3. Kate, we thank you and Denny for the wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for inviting us! The delicious dinner feast was amazing and will not soon be forgotten. Being with you, Denny, Laura, your precious father, Chris, Heather, and Tim was a feast for our souls! Truly we are blessed beyond measure and we are thankful. Tina and Wayne

    P.S. Love that you took your dad to church and then Taco Time!!

  4. So glad you had a lovely time. It may be a tough time for your dad, but you're cradling him in love.


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