Monday, November 22, 2010

This and That After a Week of Going Dark

A week plus and no blog posts. I feel a bit like these fallen leaves, ground down, having seen better days aloft on the branches of  gorgeous maple trees in Discovery Park. I'm just off call after 6 days of fairly non-stop action  as the covering  Nephrologist for the inpatient hospital service. I'm struck over and over just how challenging and complicated our patients are. Lesson 1: When the kidneys aren't working, ain't nothing working (well).

Monday morning and I'm OFF for two days. Praises be.

Outside my window snow falls, dropping light and delicate flakes, dusting the rooftops and roads. This must be some kind of record. In nearly 20 years in Seattle, I don't recall snow every coming before Thanksgiving. The roads will be slick and icy; that's the norm in this town whenever we get frozen precipitation. I love to see the snow....but hate to drive through the treachery. I've a dinner meeting downtown tonight and had promised Dad a visit today but, we'll see....

My children have both weathered the roads today.

My 6 AM call was from Laura who was due on the job at her new location (the Spokane airport) and reporting a harrowing drive on the freeway in snow and slippery conditions. "I thought I was gonna die, Mom."  No snow tires, dark and slick roads. Oy. On top of that, she's stationed outside today in a small (but heated) booth, monitoring the in and out of rental cars. "I had to scrape 6 cars this morning," she lamented. "My hands are freezing; I don't have gloves 'cause all my winter stuff is at home (Seattle)."  Oy. "At least my manager brought me a hot latte."  

Meanwhile, Chris was at the Gig Harbor bus stop waiting for his ride into town. Wonder how long his commute will be today; snow throws a huge monkey wrench (the only appropriate descriptive I know) into an already long ride for him. 

So, no rest for the weary. I'm up and at 'em, thinking of my kids and the snow, and my Dad who would love a visit from me today. What I'd like to do is curl up with my book and watch a log on the fire and sip some tea.

Till later....we'll see what the day brings.

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