Saturday, April 3, 2010

Black Jelly Beans and Tulips

You either love them (because you love licorice) or you turn away from them like the jelly beans. These beans can be found by the bag only around Easter in the candy aisle of the drugstore. I haven't ever seen other flavors singled out and packaged like this before. If there were, I'd definitely buy a bag of the purples (my favorite). Black beans are low on my list but my Mom and my husband love them. I bought a bag along with some sweet stuff I like last week. The bag of black beans and a fresh bunch of colorful tulips will be my Easter gift to Mom and Dad later today. That and the visit, which they'll appreciate even more I suspect.

I won't see Mom and Dad on Easter Day. Unlike last year when we had a big family gathering to commemorate Easter as well as their wedding anniversary, this year Denny and I are driving to Gig Harbor to share a meal with Heather and Chris. I hope my visit, the black beans and the flowers are "enough" for Mom and Dad this year. It'll have to do.....

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Happy Easter! I think your plans sound lovely.

    I would LOVE these black beans. We don't have them here, at least that I've seen. My parents grew up on the east coast, and it seems like true black licorice might be popular more in the east?? Anyway, have your husband eat a few handfuls for me!

  2. I love licorice. I am the only one in my family who does.

  3. Happy Easter. Black, i.e. licorice jelly beans are my absolute favorite. They are also the rarest flavor. The purple ones are my second most favorite. Tina

  4. We had a different kind of Easter this year. Last year we all met in Boston for brunch. This year one son is in CA and another stayed at school in Boston. My daughter stayed over Saturday night to watch basketball and planned to go to the ocean with us on Sunday. Alas, she was paged to the hospital at 2:30 a.m. and made it back here in time for breakfast, then back to bed. So Ken and I went to the ocean together to survey changes to the beach since the last big storm. We stopped for lunch at a new favorite cafe. A good day, but oh so different....


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