Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Too Shall Pass....

Leonardo Da Vinci drawing

Revelation: This misery called frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis, aka pain in the ass shoulder pain follows a timetable all its own. Although there are interventions that may help, there is no telling whether or not they will work. I should have paid more attention to the knowing shake of the head and deep sigh that accompanied the orthopedist's explanation of the diagnosis, as if he'd surrendered to a chronic condition for which no quick cure exists.

What started in the left shoulder a year ago is still troublesome for me after cumulative hours of stretching, 2 injections, multiple physical therapy sessions, massage, and now acupuncture treatments not to mention heat packs and ibuprofen. However, there is gradual improvement towards less pain. Two steps forward and one back make for a slow journey.

As if preordained, the right shoulder begins the inevitable cycle of inflammation, pain, restriction of movement. Mimicking its mate to the left, separated by 12 months.

Funny condition, this. Hardly a disease since apparently it self cures on its own timetable. An affliction. I suspect there is little that I'm doing to accelerate the healing process by all the interventions I've pursued. Once my acupuncture treatments are finished, I'm going to let the right shoulder "do its thing" and serve as the control shoulder to prove to myself that this mysterious affliction is one of those annoyances for which we say..."This too shall pass."

When it damn well pleases.....

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  1. Oh, Kate, sorry to hear this. It must be frustrating. May it pass as quickly as possible.


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