Thursday, April 1, 2010

She Made it Home

My, oh my, but that Toyota Corolla and the four girls inside made the journey across Washington state in good time tonight. They left Spokane around 5 PM and Laura and her friend pulled up in front of the house about 10:15 PM. In between they'd driven the 295 miles plus a stop in Bellevue to pick up a fish tank (don't ask) and two other stops to drop off the girls at their local destinations.

We're expecting a big time "spring storm" to blow through later tonight with snow in the mountain passes, up to a foot or more. Lots of wind too. I'm glad they journeyed ahead of the wave as I like to say. Laura said the conditions at Snoqualmie pass weren't too bad.

But, she did have to add the following just to make me kiss the ground behind her feet.....

"My windshield wipers don't work at all, Mom. I could barely see the road."



  1. Good news! I thought about you this morning and am relieved to hear everyone made it home safe and sound. Hugs all around.

  2. Yikes!! So is that your cold weather we're getting this weekend?

  3. sigh...I changed my recently after a bad rainy 10 hour drive from Atlanta. I love the new wipers...Bosch Icons

    glad half the trip is over and she's safe at home w/you!


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