Friday, April 16, 2010

Congratulations Laura!

Congratulations to my amazing daughter on landing a job today! Your hard work, countless interviews, emails, and networking paid off. Yeah!

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from college.

Congratulations on your plans, hopes and dreams!


  1. Wonderful! Congratulations all around. And thanks for sharing the beautiful photograph.
    [I'm hoping you can share what her job will be after graduation.] With joy, Wendy

  2. Wonderful news. What is the new job? Congratulations all around.

  3. In the days before my daughter's graduation I took her and her best friend aside. I told them, quite seriously, that what they were doing was extraordinary. Graduating from college was a milestone of unknown proportions, the beginning. It was not a given that women my age would go to college, much less graduate. [I started college but didn't earn a degree until 18 years later.] They said they hadn't thought about that and thanked me. I would say the same to Laura: Congratulations on your achievement. This is the beginning.


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