Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gotta Get In To Derby Attire

Poster designed by Linda Le Kinff for the 2010 Kentucky Derby

"Well, I never....."

I've learned again (and again) that calling oneself a Texan is not the same thing as calling oneself a Southerner. I've had my head in the sand (sadly) about the huge fashion statement inherent in the annual Kentucky Derby. Until today, I had no idea what Kentucky Derby hats and fashion in general were all about but I do now.

One might say that whether Texan, Southerner, or "other", everyone knows about the Kentucky Derby fashion statement. Ignorance of this is likely reflective of a fundamental brain lesion of some sort. "Where've you been all your life, sister?"

Which brings me to the reason for all this in the first place: My good friend's son is getting married in late May and Denny and I are attending the wedding in Florida. The rehearsal dinner will have, as my friend indicated in her email, "a Kentucky Derby theme". A what? What does that mean?, I wondered.

My knowledge of the Kentucky Derby was woefully limited to buzz words like Churchill Downs, horse racing, Louisville, and the Triple Crown. I didn't even know that the mint julep is the official drink of the event but now that I do, I want one. Now. Where have I been for 55 years? Thank goodness for ready information. The Internet is a wonderful thing when you realize that drawing breath well into six decades still leaves major gaps in knowledge that other people take for granted. Sigh.

A little research has me up to speed, especially with regard to fashion; it's all about the dress and the hat apparently. I'd better get cracking and hit up the mall. I did buy a really cool pair of shoes today, similar to these lovelies but far less expensive. I'll start with the base (feet) and work up from there over the coming weeks. A hat won't travel well in the suitcase but maybe I'll just wear it on the plane. I can say, "I'm in Derby mode, daahling."


  1. Great blog! Happy Hunting, Kate!

  2. The big deal about wearing a hat to the Derby seems to be a big thing this year. Sounds like a great theme for a party. Have fun!

  3. Lovely post...the Furry Dance in Helston is also known for it's hats, and dresses. Mike and I were fortunate enough to be there, as observers, in May 2000

  4. Love the hats. Take photos.


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