Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nice to Know the Answer to a Question my Kids Ask....

Not infrequently, we, in this empty nest of ours, get asked a question or two from our grown kids.

Tonight it was a question I could answer. Easily. Sweet. Not all questions are so satisfying.

He: Hey Ma, quick question for you.....what's a shallot?

He was obviously in the grocery store buying items for dinner.I could hear snippets of conversations around him as we talked on the phone.

Me: It's a kind of onion but it's small and kind of looks like a large garlic clove; it's got the papery skin on it like an onion.

He:  Hey, I just spotted some. Jeez, you're right. They do kinda look like garlic. Hey, thanks Ma.

Me: No problem.

Wonder what he's cooking up for dinner tonight. He's turning into quite the cook. And, to think it all started years ago when he made a batch of "Texas scrambled eggs" for his buddies.


  1. I love it when they call and ask questions that I can answer. JP called last year, "Mom, how do you fix your mashed potatoes?" Another time, "How do I cook fresh green beans?"

  2. My kid too - he's cooking with shallots. And currants, too - I told him he could substitute raisins if he couldn't find currants, and he said, no, he was going to get currants! (this was for a salad)

  3. Sweet, and nice to be needed for your expertise from time to time...


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