Thursday, September 9, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New

Seems Denny and I've done a lot of updating on this house of ours lately. We've lived in the same home for 19 years this month having moved from Houston when our kids were only three and five years of age back in 1991. Now both our kids are grown and gone. The house seems big and quiet. But there are signs of wear and tear everywhere. It's definitely time replace older appliances, ratty furniture, window coverings and on it goes.

Earlier this year we had a new deck built at the back of our house and the old swing set with tree-house dismantled. I wasn't sad to see it go; neither had been used in years. The back yard invites us with a more mature space, surrounded by living green walls of shrubs, pines, and ivy. The three built-in planters where the deck abuts the grass make me very happy. Full of summer annuals at the moment, I'm planning what to plant for some fall color; probably chrysanthemums and ornamental cabbage.

The kitchen underwent a face-lift in stages this summer. The worn cabinets were sanded and re-stained making them look almost new again. The ancient sub zero that we inherited from the prior owners had just about given up the ghost so we replaced the refrigerator with a sleek stainless steel model. Just this week we had our new stove delivered. I'd say the kitchen looks mighty good right now.

the new stove (with nachos!)

the old stove
We've several other projects in the wings. A number of our glass windows need replacing, the wallpaper in our family room needs removal, the carpets need deep cleaning and/or replacement and on it goes. We'll have the work done in stages. Not having two kids in college turns the focus from their education back to the four walls of this house.  Independent, grown children!!! Gotta love it!


  1. I like the idea of planters built into the deck ~ great for a splash of color that suits the season. You will need that updated kitchen for all those delicious meals you enjoy with your grown children!

  2. I see your kitty enjoys the new deck too! Pleasing changes!


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