Saturday, September 4, 2010

Washing Cars in Stilettos

Because she said I could.....

I'll share her work related angst and add in my own commentary.  I did ask.  I promise. She said, "OK".

She: I don't like washing cars at work. It's hot. I sweat. Boss made me do a car over four times before he was satisfied with the look of it.

Me: I didn't think that was part of your job description.

She: Unfortunately it is.We have a "car prep" guy but on certain days he doesn't start work until 10 and then we have to do it.

Me: Ahhhh.
She: I hate getting out there in my skirt and heels to wash cars.

Me: I can imagine. Why don't you keep a pair of flats at work to wear when you have to wash cars?

She: Flats are gross. I look better in heels.

Me: You can't really wash cars very well in heels. Wear flats. Besides, it looks weird.

She: I'm thinking of getting some rain boots, wearing a shower cap, and putting on a rain jacket when I'm out there....just to make a point. Ya know? Let them see me wearing that.

Me: Flats would be just fine and take care of all the issues.

She: Naw....I look mo' betta in stilettos.

Me: Whatever....

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  1. Well, she has a point. She looks good in heels.


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