Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Waters of Crater Lake

This photograph was taken by Bebin Cypher, a friend from high school who I've not seen in decades but with whom I've reconnected via FaceBook. I asked Bebin if I could post this beautiful image of the waters of Crater Lake on my blog.  I've never visited Crater Lake (Oregon) but it's on my list.

I could get lost in this image. Inviting and comforting. Peaceful. Magnificent.

Water. Without it, we perish.

Last night I dreamed of water; swimming amidst the creatures of the deep.

Last evening I cried until I could cry no more. More water.

Water. Without it, we perish.


  1. amazing image...swirling but calming. I often wonder if we should drink more water after crying a lot?

  2. Water: "The River of Life". My favorite hymn is " Shall We Gather at the River" :where bright angels feet have trod, with its crystal tide forever, flowing by the throne of God." We will all be at that river some day, so may that bring you comfort. Tina


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