Monday, October 4, 2010

Take Off

The Alaska Air jet lifted off the runway in Seattle last Friday morning packed with passengers bound for  Chicago. Four on that flight were headed to a much anticipated family wedding.

The view of Mt. Rainier to the south and the brilliant blue sky of early morning brought me a surprising sense of calm. For days I wondered if I'd be on that flight with all the concerns germinating on the home front. Mom, in the hospital with no signs of improvement, Dad  profoundly aware of the gravity of the situation, and sadness contained in every breath made for unknowns.

Many thanks to J.T. who flew from Houston to offer support to my Dad during these difficult days. Who knew if Mom would live through the weekend? Without J.T.'s  presence, I wouldn't have made it to what turned out to be a wonderful, joyous weekend far removed from the overwhelming uncertainties at home.

Flying east in the morning sun was therapeutic; with each mile I felt further removed, as though weights were lifting slowly from my arms and legs. I felt excited for the upcoming events, happy to be with my husband and grown kids as we  headed for Carolyn and Mitch's wedding. By the time we arrived in Chicago, Seattle seemed all of its 1700 miles away. What does one do with a gift of of time to celebrate and to put aside sadness for awhile?

To come....

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  1. Oh, I wish you a wonderful trip, a lovely celebration, and a return to home with Mom and Dad awaiting you.


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