Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Acropolis is on Strike...

Miss Laura is in Athens this weekend; she and a friend flew from Bologna, Italy (via Frankfurt) to Athens on Thursday. Why one flies north to head south is a question I've learned not to ask; these airline arrangements continue to baffle me. Oh well.

She called me at 10 PM her time yesterday to have me listen to "live Greek music" she was enjoying along with a late dinner. Very nice indeed.

Then, the rest of the day and into today, we've had text message "conversation" that has gone like this......(and oh, so typical of our back and forth talk)

Me: How are you? How is Athens? Dad is home today if you need to phone.

She: I am good. We love Athens so far. We are hoping to go on a tour tomoro.

She: (several hours later...) The Acropolis is on strike so we are doing an all day cruise instead for tomoro

huh? The Acropolis is on strike?
Mom radar is now engaged full on.....a cruise? Oh, yeah....Athens is on the Mediterranean. Oh, but wait.....a cruise????

Me: Cruise to where?

She: Three different islands like Hydra, Poros, and Aegina.

Mom anxiety creeping in....

Me: Make sure it's with a lot of tourists. Not just you and G and some boat driver all alone. K?

She: Ha Ha. There are other people from different hotels.

Me: But with a group, right? Not some guy with a boat and a good price. Anxiety titer still rising....

She: No there are other people from different hotels like I said. She grows weary of my constant questioning and I decide to accept things as they are.....

She: (next day at 7 AM her time) So the tour left without us cuz the hotel guy screwed us up so we are going on a tour at 2.

Me: A boat tour or a regular tour?

She: Regular. Going back to bed.

It's 10 PM my time in Seattle and I've been drifting in and out of sleep myself so I figure they'll get some kind of bus tour later in their day. All is well; go back to sleep, Kate.

She: (at 2 PM her time) All the tours keep getting canceled.

Me: Sorry about your struggles. Hope you can get something. Are you ok?

She: So we are making one last attempt at a tour. This time a night one that includes dinner. I hope it actually works out. The tour lasts for 3.5 hours.

Me: Yeah. Keep in touch when you can. Sun just up here and our Saturday is just beginning. Love you.

And now, nearing 1 PM Seattle time, 10 PM Athens time, I send my "good night" text.

Me: You well in Athens town?

She: Yea, we went on a night tour and had a nice dinner at a tavern. Now we are watching legit Greek dancers :)

Sweet. And, by the way, I wonder why the "Acropolis is on strike"? Too bad.


  1. I was just thinking how amazing it is that you can text with each other now. So different from just a few years ago!

    It sounds like she's having marvelous adventures.

  2. haha our conversations really are pretty amusing aren't they?


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