Thursday, January 17, 2008

Starting to Tri

The Seattle Danskin Triathlon takes place on August 17, 2008, seven months from now. I have been resting on my laurels long enough. The relative physical inactivity of the last few months is daily picking away at the level of fitness and stamina that propelled me over the finish line last August. I need to commit to a plan to not only get back in the shape I was in but to push beyond if possible.

My goal is to finish the race 10 minutes faster than I did in 2007. Lofty? Unrealistic? No, I don't think so. I learned so much as a novice in training and the weeks post-triathlon gave me an opportunity to make observations about how things might be better. These are the tenderest of observations since overall, I was so proud to have finished the Triathlon; there was nothing to criticize, only good things to learn for next year. I know that I can shave off time from all three events: the swim, the bike and the run. And, I can shave off time from the transition times, T1 and T2. Ten minutes sounds like a reasonable goal at this stage. We'll see.

But, I've just got to get out there and start a routine to re-gain that which was lost by several months of inactivity. Swimming will be the most difficult; it took me months to catch my stride (it's all technique) in training and coupled with some physical stamina, it all gelled for me late in the game last year, just a few weeks before jumping in the cold of Lake Washington. This time, I will take more lessons and commit to more pool and open water time. The swim is my weakest link as it is for many.

Today I'm seeing a sports medicine physician about my pesky right knee pain, a misery that I first noticed within a week of the August 2007 Triathlon and which waxes/wanes in intensity. I hope it is a tendinitis that some specific stretching and other focused exercise will cure. I hope it doesn't limit or bother me through my training this spring and summer.

I'm feeling pumped up and ready to launch. It's going to be a good train.


  1. YAY! I plan on doing it again too! Let's carpool again. =) Registration is just around the corner!

  2. I really admire your determination and tenacity. You are amazing! :) Good luck with training.


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