Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wisdom by Text

Laura left her tip jar at Tully's on Friday afternoon after her shift was over. She realized it when were in the car and I asked if she wanted to go inside to get it. She declined allowing that she'd pick it up on Sunday. Hmmmmm, I thought to myself after she told me that the stash would be safe because "they are all my friends".

Texting back and forth with her today as she works and I lie in bed drinking coffee on this Sunday in January......

"Someone stole my tips I left the other day!"

"Told you!" (probably too harsh of me but I couldn't resist)

"I can't believe it!"

"Money is a huge temptation for people."

"I just can't imagine any of my co-workers taking it."

"How much did u lose?"

"Like ten..."

"Chalk it up to experience. Live and learn. Not everyone is as honest as they seem and hopefully this person needed the cash more than u. Philosophy 101."

"Yea, I was thinking that but it makes me mad."

"Just take some wisdom away from it and figure it was meant to be. Far better to learn off of ten bucks instead of a hundred."

No response and then a few minutes later...

"Do you want to get lunch or high tea today?"

Obviously wisdom imparting is over and we are on to something else.

There's a wonderful place call The Queen Mary that serves high tea and we had talked about going sometime while she was here. As it's her last day full day in Seattle before heading back to school, we just may do that.

And so it goes....
Texting is just another opportunity to impart some wisdom. Who would have thought?


  1. Blessed texting and also blessed MSN ... I have found some of my most valuable communication with my children is through those two means.

  2. Too bad we never got to go to the Queen Mary. Oh well, it leaves us something to do next time I come home!
    Love ya!!


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