Sunday, January 6, 2008


In December we decorate our home for the holidays like millions of other families with lights, ornaments, wreaths, poinsettias, a Christmas tree and more. For those few weeks the house comes alive with color, light and the sweet scent of evergreen and cookies. And then when January arrives, we take down all the decorations, pack everything away in boxes, dispose of the tree that adorned our living room so beautifully and transition into the start of a New Year. Today I "un-decorated" the house. It's a job I dread but when it's over, I like having my house back again. There is always a sense of relief for me when the vacuum cleaner sucks up the last of the pine needles from the living room rug, I move the furniture back into position, and replace the usual pieces that adorn the mantel all year long. Everything looks familiar and warmly inviting after the rush of December holidays.

This is definitely January; breezy, cold, grey and wet; at least so far. And, I'd just like to sink my teeth into the days and enjoy this mid-winter month. One of the ways I intend to do this is to boycott what I perceive as the assault of the "next big event", in this case Valentine's Day. I shudder to see the pink and red displays of candy, cards and knick-knacks all over the stores; they've been there for over a week now. Ugh! Why can't we just enjoy where we are without looking so far ahead?

As for Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs, I feel similar disdain. Ten seconds after midnight on February 14, the Easter candy will hit the shelves. I'm not into any of it. After all, I just finished "un-decorating" from Christmas and need a really decent, and long lasting breath of winter. Just winter.

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