Friday, June 5, 2009

All Four Under One Roof

We're coming up on a week of living like the "old days", all 4 of us under one roof. Precious is the one word that comes to mind. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

I've learned that the "mother ear", that finely honed receiver that hears every sound in the house, remains intact. Either that or else I've grown more deaf in conjunction with my children becoming louder. Last night as I struggled to get to sleep, nursing a headache with a dose of imitrex, I heard the sweet sound of combined son/daughter laughter drifting from the basement all the way up two flights of stairs. What were they doing? Watching Conan O'Brien as the new host the Tonight Show. Obviously it was a good show. Then, at 12:30 (A.M.), still tossing about in bed, I heard Laura plead with Chris to remove some sort of six or eight legged creature from her room. He did and she thanked him.

When all was quiet, I finally drifted off only to be pulled from that sweet reverie at 6:30 A.M. by the sound of the front door slamming so loud it would wake the dead. Huh? It was Laura, after less than 6 hours of sleep, dragging her weary bones to the gym (God bless you, dear). I called it a night (my less than 6 hours too) at that point, got my coffee and retreated to bed to think; a default position early in the morning when I don't have to go to work. At 7:00 A.M. I heard my son bolt up the basement stairs, grab a quick cup of coffee and head out the front door with considerably more respect for the decibel level of said door, clicking rather than slamming shut. Heard nevertheless.

Want to know what else is intact after all these years? My husband's ability to sleep through all of this. Some things never change. Sigh.


  1. It will be quite an adventure this summer...I love it!!

  2. There is no better sound than siblings sharing a story or a good laugh. I know all about the exit strategies ~ my daughter could raise the dead with her door slamming on those early mornings in high school, whereas my sons could leave with nary a sound.


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