Friday, June 5, 2009

Instant Communication

Ten years ago I had an old fashioned cell phone; a "flip phone" that I kept in a leather case on OFF mode in my purse. I would turn it ON only if I had to make a phone call. No one ever called me on the phone because it was always OFF. I'd never heard of a text message and email was something you read once a day, if that.

We received our cell phone bill yesterday. One of us, who will remain nameless, logged in 2700 minutes of talk time (that's 40 hours!!!!) and 6500 text messages (of course in-coming texts count as text messages, you understand). How does anyone think when there are an average of 200+ messages sent/received every day of the month? If you're awake for say 18 hours, that's 10 an hour, an average of one every 6 minutes. And on it goes with the calculations that boggle my mind.

There's something not quite fittin' about this.


  1. That is some serious communication going on.

  2. Add in FB or Twitter and you would think we know everything about one another. TMI?

  3. I am glad I do not see the print-out of usage for the phone service my sons share. They have "unlimited" texts and enough minutes that there are always some to spare. They share the cost. I don't need to know any more than that.

  4. Indeed. How does one think? The brain must change and morph into something new.

  5. haha we all know its about me.. hush hush haha


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