Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Instead of Ranting and Raving.....

I suppose this is progress.

Instead of getting really, really mad, I chose to educate rather than denigrate with my commentary.

"To wit"...... (as my mentor always said)

1. I explained to her that when making guacamole, any leftovers are bound to be eaten up by the dreaded creeping brown-ness making for an unappetizing mess unless the pit of the avocado is left in the midst of the prepared dip. Doing so, for whatever reason, extends the half life of this dip considerably. She didn't know that and was impressed and interested.

The dip in question was made last night and was in no shape to be enjoyed today. The brown mess went down the disposal but the lesson about the avocado pit was well received.

2. I also explained that bathing suits thrown down the laundry chute (4 to be exact) when they are wet spread their wetness to all the dry-er items in the chute and after several days make for a smelly mess. Plus, bathing suits (especially teeny tiny bikinis) are tender beings and need to be rinsed out under cool water, gently squeezed as dry as possible and left to drip in the shower until completely dry and ready for another round. They don't do well in the washing machine.

Both lessons were shared in the spirit of imparting knowledge instead of judgment, the latter of which I am eternally accused.

I'm trying very, very hard to do better. This morning I found two examples of success.


  1. I definitely think this is progress. I remember my difficult transition from having all the answers to making constructive suggestions. It took me a long time....

  2. Oh, my!!

    I hope to emulate your patience and discipline on the perpetrator of "leaving dirty dishes for mom to clean up, after she's been at work for 8 hours and you've been at home on the couch watching soccer."

  3. I find education a good tool as well when what I really want to do is say "are you kidding me?" I hope it continues to work for you.

  4. I guess I am not as smart as I thought I was either. I did not know that about avocado pits. Thanks, Kate, I'll remember that from now on! Great tip!

  5. I have that issue with little ones and husband leaving wet things that seem to migrate to the bottom of laundry basket. Stinking things after a couple of days.

    That is a hard line to navigate - that of passing on wisdom and not appearing lecturing. It sounds like you did it well!

  6. Haha I love how this post is totally about me


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