Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Personal Thought for the Day # 19

It is gratifying to notice that the split second reaction of my brain to a totally unexpected, random face to face (boom!) encounter with someone who has been a huge thorn in my side and the focus of much angst over the last 6 months was pleasant and accepting. Nature or nurture or neither?


  1. Perhaps you were able to see that person's true nature in an out of context setting?

    Or perhaps in an out of context setting, you can actually admire a talented adversary.

    I came home from work today frustrated, grinding my teeth, annoyed and the utter mismanagement and unthoughtful incompetence of someone who is actually a pretty good person in other ways.

    Makes one think.

  2. There is a split second when our brain can decide to go "another way" than usual. It takes recognition of that split second when it happens for it to happen more often. Have you been practicing?

  3. May mean you've moved on and that is terrific.


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