Saturday, June 27, 2009

Migraines and the Boogie

I am so weary of MIGRAINE HEADACHES!

This has got to stop or at least get better. Four or more a week is just "not fittin" for (wo)man, nor beast. I've learned to tolerate the pain because I know how to get rid of it within a few hours with the bomb called imitrex, but....there's got to be a point where trying to prevent them in the first place takes precedence over rooting them out when the exploding skull is upon me.

I hate this.

I'm constantly looking for patterns...what caused this one, why now, what was different about the last 8-12 hours that might have provoked it.

This one I can probably blame on the lovely mango mojito I enjoyed with my 21 year old daughter on our Friday evening outing downtown for dinner and a movie. Sigh.

But sometimes it has nothing to do with alcohol. These "head bangers" might be brought on by crying (yep), skipping meals, too much head-rush sugar (chocolate, cookies), not enough water, lack of sleep and on and on. I suppose I should really clean up my act for a period of time and just see if doing so reduces the frequency of these explosions in my brain. Old habits (mine are so ingrained, these bad ones) die hard. I think the only solution is a retreat where there is no opportunity to de-rail a plan for healthier living.

But, this morning, like many others, I down that first cup of coffee wondering if and hoping that IT might do the job. But then, when the explosion just keeps escalating, I know that the only antidote is to reach for the Imitrex. What must that potent cerebral vasoconstrictor be doing to all those tiny blood vessels in my brain?

Shorting it out, slowly....I muse. No wonder I can't remember phone numbers, names, and a re-set password on my computer 10 seconds after re-setting it. Blame it on the start of Alzheimer's Disease? Blame it on the Imitrex?

None of my Michael J. reverie, I think I'll remember his words........

"Don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight, don't blame it on the good times, blame it on the Boogie."



  1. I can't imagine the pain of a migraine. Thankfully, they are not part of my mid-life experience. I have had the experience of other physical symptoms giving me a run for my money. I consider massage therapy part of my maintenance routine, and acupuncture has been an enormous help when anxiety, sleeplessness, and hot flashes have been at their worst.

    I have been unwilling to totally give up things I know contribute to some unwelcome symptoms, especially coffee and wine. There are trade-offs and sometimes I do better than others. I am eating more fresh vegetables and less meat, which helps. The thing I do now that has helped me the most is walk two miles a day on the treadmill. I notice a remarkable difference and my body lets me know if I don't get that activity. The "problem" with finding something that helps is that now I only have myself to blame if I don't do what I know will help me feel better.

    I have thought about a healthy retreat, too. I love the idea of being pampered and cared for in a way that benefits my well-being and helps me set new patterns in place.

  2. We get headaches from all the things you mention. We do need to get some place where we don't eat wheat, drink alcohol, eat chocolate, stay up to late and on and on. I had two glasses of wine with Sally this evening and expect a headache tomorrow morning. Not like yours, but unpleasant. Mom had tons of headaches and Caroline's not free of them either. Runs in the family. Not good.


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