Monday, June 22, 2009

Open Mouth, Insert Sock

"Keep your mouth shut....."; I remind myself over and over again. Unsolicited advice is just that, unsolicited. Put a sock in it, Kate.

Pity that when advice is requested it seems to be about trivial issues that matter not in the long run, silly stuff that shouldn't occupy the mind at all. The big stuff is less often, or virtually never, the topic open for advice or input.

How many times have I been reminded in the last few weeks that my advice was not requested and is not appreciated?


All you parents out there with young ones; it will happen to you too. Eventually.


  1. I've learned my lesson due to my recent tragedy, I'm so done with unsolicited advice. It seems everyone knows what I should be doing but they can't make their own decisions about what to wear that day.

  2. We need to cut ourselves some slack with this issue of giving advice. We care about our kids and sometimes we help too much. We can try to do better next time. Personally, I'm tired of walking on eggshells, afraid I will say the wrong thing. I am a person, too, and I am allowed to have my own opinions. I feel caught in the middle of some things right now. Can you tell?


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