Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Full House

We're a "full house" now; all 4 of us in this family home of ours, at least for the next few months. Chris moved out of his rental this past weekend and Laura has been home for the past weeks after sojourns in Europe for eight months. We haven't been under the same roof together in about 18 months we figure; one or more of us (not D and me; we are the constants) has been elsewhere. So far so good.

Chris decided to "take over the basement"; it's a large space that includes a bedroom, bathroom and a living area, perfect for his television and high tech equipment of which I know little. His (former) bedroom will become our guestroom although right now there are bold statements of masculinity on all the walls and in the closets. We'll need to work on that. He's planning to live at home, save on rent money, and start looking for an apartment for he and Heather later this summer. He'll move out whenever the "the right" place appears and this will be home for them after they are married in November.

Laura has her old room back, bursting at the seams with clothing for all seasons, shoes, and other accessories. There is so much stuff that the hall closet is full of her coats and dresses in addition to the two closets in her room. The empty dresser in Chris's old room will likely be taken over next as there is no space for a single extra storage bin in her closets or under the bed, even though we boosted the bed up on 6 inch risers for that very purpose. Bless her heart, she has sorted through much of her stuff and the donation truck comes by to pick up all of the "give-aways" tomorrow. But, much stuff remains and between me and this blog, remains a force to be reckoned with.

It feels wonderful and at the same time a bit unsettling to have all of us together again. We know this is the last time the nuclear family will be under one roof. In a year Laura will be a college graduate and in five months, Chris and Heather will be married! Where did the time go? I could wax poetic about how those years passed by so quickly (but I won't). I'm just glad to know that we have this opportunity to enjoy meals, movies, talk, and the treasure of just being a room away for the next few months. Sweet indeed.


  1. Nice to have the fam together again! How did the PT appt. go?

  2. You are a lucky mom. Enjoy this time with your family.

  3. I remember I was 21 when my brothers and I were together in our family home for 6 months; we were about to step out and face the world-go in different directions. All I could think about was being independent. My mother said, "Enjoy these last few months we have together-life will never be the same and you'll look back on this and remember it for the rest of your life". I look back and she was right. Enjoy yourselves and have fun!!!

  4. its been nice to be home with the whole family . I especially like our dinners :)


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