Saturday, March 13, 2010

Austin: The Present

from Allen's Boots So. Congress

Austin's enduring magic persists. There a little something (and usually a lot more than that) for everyone. Much has changed since my days in high school, eight miles west of the city. Yet, much endures.

1. Great food; it's virtually impossible to get a bad meal in Austin.

2. Wide open spaces; the downtown east and west of North Congress is still what I call "cow townish" and that's a compliment.

3. Natural beauty: Zilker Park and the foot paths along the north and south shores of Town Lake (now Lady Bird Lake) invigorate the soul.

4. U. T. Austin: a mecca for all things orange and white, Bevo souvenirs suddenly have appeal for me.

5. The hills (west of Austin) and the flats: everywhere else. Lovely contrast.

6. Lamar, Guadalupe, Congress, and Barton Springs Road; classic roadways. Oh, we can't forget 6th Street east of Congress.

7. The largest U.S. capitol building: she's a beauty. I was surprised by the seeming lack of security as we toured the facility. Granted it was a Sunday but no metal detectors, Xray machines or anything. It felt like the olden days before 9/11.

8. Great drivers. Truly. Even in traffic.

Here are some photos that I particularly like.....

Chuy's chips and salsa with guacamole.

Downtown. Cow-town.

Along Lady Bird (Town) Lake.

U.T. bookstore on the Drag (Guadalupe St.)

Bevo Rocks. A wall of burnt orange.

The Capitol seen fromthe U.T campus on a hazy spring day.


  1. Good to know about the food. In the future, if and when I make plans to visit Austin, I won't worry about where to eat, which is not always the case when one travels.

  2. Funny, I was in my favorite Mexican restaurant recently and a patron at the table next to me said "Are you from Texas?" and I said No, but why, and she said I made up my tacos just like someone from Texas--loaded with everything on the plate and then eaten...


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