Tuesday, March 9, 2010

San Antonio

San Antonio comes and goes; a quick side trip from the main event in Austin. Laura and I drove the 80 miles south from Austin yesterday and checked in to a hotel on the River Walk in San Antonio. Overcast and drizzly, much like Seattle only warmer and stickier such that normally wavy or curly hair turns to frizz. Ahhhhh. Sweet memories of years lived in Texas long ago.

Did you know that the ALAMO is the number one visited site in all of the great state of Texas? We added two more to the tally with our walk through yesterday. The grounds around the original building continue to grow each time I've come back. More and more historical information, artifacts, and official tours are available, if you want that sort of experience.

Our hotel room is a "suite for cheap"; Mondays are slow days I guess and we fell into an amazing deal for a room overlooking the River Walk, situated on a corner with a wrap around balcony, a separate bedroom and living area with 2 enormous flat screen televisions. Plus, breakfasts. Plus, drinks in the lobby in the evening. We'll be sad to leave these fancy accommodations but leave we must.

The highlight of our brief stay here was dinner with Laura's roommate from junior year abroad in Florence. She goes to Trinity U. in San Antonio and we met up at The Iron Cactus for glorious (again) Tex-Mex and margaritas. Ole!

This morning we're off to Market Square to see what we see. I'd love to check out the shops at La Villita but that will be a harder "sell" for my companion. Then we'll make our way back to Austin for the last two full days of our vacation. No specific plans; just more food, drink and adventure.


  1. Nice to see you all having a great time!

  2. Oh, San Antonio! What's that old hotel right next to the Alamo? I spent a few nights at the bar there in the '80s!

    Have a wonderful time!!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! Wish I could tag along! Keep enjoying yourselves!


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