Sunday, March 21, 2010

Six Down, Four to Go

Yesterday I finished up my 6th session of "acupuncture plus", as I like to call these treatments for my nagging chronic shoulder condition known as adhesive capsulitis. Josie, of Four Season Healing Center, is helping me make some headway in improving what would otherwise be several years of chronic (tolerable but extremely annoying) pain. Although there's definite progress going on, these conditions can be slow to respond.

I must confess: I haven't been doing my "homework" as Josie refers to the outside-of-the-office exercises that augment what we do in the one hour sessions. I really feel that if I had been doing the breathing techniques, stretching, moxa, massage routines, and gua sha as instructed, I might be farther along. Today I made a commitment to doing all of these as directed. I have the time. I sometimes lack the motivation and am too distracted by dumb things like checking email for the tenth time in a day or playing another round of Bejeweled Blitz. Sigh.

Onward. Four more treatments to go over the next month.


  1. Oh, yes...being distracted by lack of motivation, and checking emails for the umpteenth time...I am not a gamer but am a procrastinator. Funny, I am not with my cat care though...I follow precise protocols with their care, just so I don't have to worry about "If I'd done it right, this setback wouldn't happen" etc.

    I referred a blogger I follow to your blog as she's just been dx'd with frozen shoulder, as I though she could learn from your experiences and treatments.

  2. Hey, you're over halfway there...on the downhill slide...over the hump. Pick a metaphor, and with the end in sight, push onward and celebrate spring with a shoulder that moves. I'm keeping a good thought for "movement."

  3. I read Teri's post on the other blog she referred to. I've also been having problems with my shoulder (left). I don't do pain meds, so I've been working on it thru chiro, yoga and deep tissue massage. Getting a little better, but I'm interested in following your progress using acupuncture. Hope it provides relief and better movement for you!


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