Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Texas BBQ

Tex Mex is grand but after three days of nonstop gorging, the time arrived for a change in palate; let's say a little authentic* Texas BBQ. Kerrville, Texas, 65 miles northwest of San Antonio was just the right spot. We stopped in at Visitor's Center right off the interstate and had but a single answer to the very pleasant lady's question: "What would you like to do in Kerrville today?"

"We're looking for a good place to have Barbecue.", said we. She nodded knowingly and proceeded to tell us about three really good options in town each with a slightly different take on the classic. We settled on Buzzie's, two miles up the road on a side street in the middle of local industry. The wood shed off to the left of the restaurant was clearly the smoking shed. Open the door to this place and you know you're home; one whiff and you know it's the real deal. Slow smoked meat, nothing finer.

Need I say more? Sliced beef with onion, pickle and BBQ sauce for me and smoked turkey for Laura. Oh, and a Big Red soda, of course.

* authentic BBQ: Definitely involving slowly smoked meat, BBQ is to be distinguished from the more casual act of grilling. LOL.


  1. Oh, yum!! I really prefer Memphis and Carolina style to Texas style - I like pork ribs better than beef - but I surely do not turn away a good smoked brisket.

    Now that my Mom no longer lives in East Texas, it's hard to get Texas barbecue. I love the look of that place, too!


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