Monday, March 22, 2010

"Finer than Frog Hair"

We speak almost every night; usually around 7 PM after she's put on her sleepwear and sits back in her recliner chair. Tonight she told me that something (can't even remember what we were talking about now; shame on me) was "finer than frog hair". I laughed. She laughed. All these old expressions fascinate me; seems they come out of her mouth now more than ever.

What will it be tomorrow? If I pay attention, there will invariably be another classic phrase.


  1. and the brain can be tangled like..."A barrel full of coathangers" (one of my dad's favorite quips--he started with Alzheimers when only 57, not long after he retired...)

  2. Those age-old sayings slip out by accident, a few words that have meaning many years beyond a person's age. Maybe they are hot-wired from so many years of hearing and sharing.


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