Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best New Business of 2009

Today's prompt:

Startup. What's a business you found this year that you love? Who thought it up? What makes it special?

OK, I've only been inside Seattle Pie Company twice; once to order a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and the second time to pick up said pie. However, I'm intrigued. This new business in our own little Magnolia Village has been a huge success and if their pumpkin pie is any indication of the quality of their other pies, we've got a winner here.

I love pie. But, when the subject of dessert comes up I stick with cake, brownies, cookies, ice cream; stuff like that. Maybe it's because I'm intimidated by pie crust; I don't make any pies unless the good stuff is poured into a graham cracker or other cookie type crust. Old fashioned dough is scary stuff for me. Great to eat but not so great to prepare.

Just think of all the possibilities: the glorious fruit pies of summer, the banana cream, the coconut cream, pecan, and pumpkin and my father-in-law's all time favorite: Virginia's lemon meringue pie. Me thinks we should all eat more pie. I intend to patronize our newest Magnolia Village business in 2010 and treat myself to a cup of coffee and a piece-o-pie to jump start the weary engine to life again.


  1. I thought of this post as I made a cake today, not my strong suit. I love pie, and I do like to make pies. I have yet to find a bakery that consistently makes good pies, but this place sounds like it fills the bill. Please keep us updated on whether or not you have found a little piece of pie heaven.

  2. I overate today, ALL day, and yet your post made me all excited about the possibilities you describe, lol...


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