Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Rush(es) of 2009

When did you get your best rush of the year?

As points out, the word rush carries many meanings. I know what Gwen Bell is going for in the prompt for today.

Did this happen to me in 2009? Maybe not one major rush but five or so high moments, pulling in all the senses.....

1. Catching first sight of my daughter at the airport when she arrived home from a study abroad year and many, many, many long months apart. Rush.

2. Hearing the bone chilling roar of the Blue Angels buzzing the expectant crowd on the shores of Lake Washington on a sunny, summer day in Seattle. Rush.

3. Tasting the first bite of a warm pumpkin doughnut on a crisp fall day in Greenbluff, outside of Spokane. Best doughnut I ever had. Ever. Rush.

4. Turning on to Kirby Drive in Houston and catching the first glorious whiff of Jim Goode's BBQ permeating the noontime air of an unseasonably warm October day. Rush.

5. The feel of a certain mother-of-the groom's dress, the first pick off the rack and the only one I tried on. Perfect fit and perfect feel. Rush.


  1. A proverbial feast of "rushes" for the senses. Now I'm hungry for BBQ and want a donut for dessert.


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