Saturday, December 12, 2009

Best New "Food" 2009

Day 12 of Gwen Bell's Best of '09 challenge asks what great "new food" found its way into your life this year? My new find was authentic Turkish tea, not exactly a food but a glorious, energizing, and tasty drink.

My sister traveled to Turkey in late spring 2009. Along the way she blogged about her experiences, the exciting places she visited and the people she met. She also wrote a lot about Turkish food and Turkish tea. Tea is a staple, consumed multiple times a day, piping hot, and drunk from thin glass "teacups" set on a decorative porcelain saucer with sugar lumps on the side. MM claimed the tea was like rocket fuel, providing endless energy for activities that kept her busy from dawn until way after dark. Not only was the tea quite tasty, but drinking several cups a day kept her alert, focused and ready for the next great experience. No caffeine jitters either!

Wow, I thought; I'd like to try some of that Turkish tea.

MM brought me a can of loose leaf Hazer Baba black tea from Turkey when she returned. Although I drank my tea out of a coffee mug (no authentic little glass cups), the taste was marvelous and the jolt of calm energy (can there be anything nicer when you're feeling a bit weary?) much appreciated.

My tin of Turkish tea is now empty but I'm headed out to a local store called Istanbul Imports to buy another supply. Highly recommended and my "food" find of the year.


  1. Thank you for commenting on my crock pot entry... this challenge is fantastic, isn't it?

    I noticed you are a doctor and just yesterday my eldest daughter got accepted to Smith College, which is where she has been dreaming of doing her undergrad work before going to medical school. I am delighted for her and wow, she will be 3,000 miles from home. She will be fine... I will be.... *deep sigh*

    Again, thanks for posting to my blog and I think I need to try some Turkish tea!

  2. Ooh, lovely! I bet I can find this in LA.


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