Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best Home Improvement 2009

The prompt for today reads: What's the best change you made to the place you live?

This one is easy. Early in the year D and I decided that our family room furniture, the L shaped sectional sofa and overstuffed chair that had endured the wrath of two youngsters and other heavy wear and tear over fifteen years needed to go. We had the chair recovered since it was still in pretty decent shape and chose a denim which I love in a family room. The sofa was a hopeless mess which we banished to the basement and replaced with a new sectional piece shown here. Every time I walk into the room I love seeing the new, clean, comfortable furniture. And now, since our kids are out of the house, I won't be cleaning out popcorn hulls, lollipop sticks, and nerds from under the cushions.

The roses on the table are the Anniversary Roses from our 32nd wedding anniversary, celebrated Dec. 10th. One white rose (25 years) and seven reds this year. Thanks, Denny.


  1. What a welcoming space! And the roses are beautiful.

  2. What a restful space you created and wow, a thoughtful husband as well. Makes me smile!

  3. By best home improvement was getting the courage to paint our wall red - I get the same happy feeling you do when I walk into the room. Isn't it fun? Great updates to your room and lovely roses.


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