Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best Tea of 2009

Gwen Bell's prompt today makes my life very easy indeed.

Tea of the year.

Since I posted about a favorite tea find rather than a favorite food find on December 12th, I'll illustrate my remarkable consistency by linking to my post about Turkish tea and call it a day.

I'm trying, unsuccessfully, to buy authentic Turkish tea in Seattle. Unfortunately, Istanbul Imports was all out of tea when I stopped in yesterday to poke around the store located in the Fremont area of Seattle. I was the only person in the rather large shop, surrounded by carpets, trinkets, artwork, clothing, and candles. I spoke with a very lovely lady who turned out to be the owner and she gave me some pointers on how to prepare Turkish tea. She raved about "apple tea"; apparently her favorite. After taking my name and email, she promised to contact me when the new supply of tea arrives. I'll be ready.

Turkish tea is very, very good.

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