Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Project 2009


"Project. What did you start this year that you are proud of?"

This question, typical of the last few days, takes some thought. These prompts challenge me to be sure. I don't start projects for some reason. Either I'm in a rut or my mind just doesn't work this way. I go to work, do a good job, come home to bed, and start all over again. Boring? Dull? Not really because there are side paths that pull me away, experiences that have nothing to do with either work or bed. I think these keep my life balanced. I think.

I haven't written much about my "doctor work" for awhile so perhaps now wold be the time to share that for the past 12 months I've been working at a new clinic one day a week seeing new patients with kidney issues and following them along as needed. The clinic is quite a trek from home base for me; 50 or so miles round trip. I had my doubts at first about whether this project would be a success or not. It has been a success, in countless ways.

I love my time "out there". I work independently and there are few interruptions. I'm doing the work I truly love. Referring doctors like having an on-site sub specialty physician. The patients don't have to make the long journey into downtown Seattle to be seen. The good news is that in 2010, the plan is to continue this weekly clinic. The trial period was a success and we'll press forward.

As for the 50 mile round trip, I'm now turning off the radio and listening to books on CD as I drive to and from. Great use of time. I highly recommend anything written by T.C. Boyle. Great listening. Great escape.

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  1. The positive benefits of this project come through loud and clear, for you and your patients. I am so glad you shared this work you are doing. It's good news that the weekly clinic will continue.


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