Thursday, December 31, 2009

Missed Resolution of 2009

Prompt for December 31: Resolution you wish you'd stuck with (you know there's always next year....)

Last January
I tried to convince myself that I could do something about my constant addiction to being"wired" to the modern flow of information (cell phone, pager, cordless phone, laptop with email at the ready). Laughable. One year later, I think I'm worse! I spend an inordinate number of hours on line, checking email, writing email, blogging (that's probably OK), and text messaging on my cell. Add to that the pager hooked to my belt when I'm on the job and I've made 2 steps backward in 2009.

Will there be any relief in 2010 or is this just the way life is to be? This is my BIG question. How does one strike a balance and cultivate QUIET; time to read, time to reflect, time to allow creativity a passageway to the surface?

I don't have any great ideas except to consciously choose each day to be less invested and less connected to this seeming grand river with its flow of electronic input. I love it, I hate it. It saves time, it wastes time. It helps, it hinders. It thrills me, it exhausts me.

Moving forward into the next decade of the 21st century, I will re-attempt to gain control of this out-of-control beast.

Happy New Year one and all!


  1. Hi Kate - you've said it all for me and I don't even have texting capability. It's the paradox of it, isn't it? How do we live with it and how do we live without it? Something comes up for me around aligning ourselves so well with what it is we truly want to spend time on that these pesky inventions become the tools they are meant to be and not screaming demons! Happy to have found you through #best09 and look forward to more.

  2. Technology is a lot like potato chips ~ I can't eat just one. Once I turn the computer on I am tuned in. If I leave the computer off, I can go the entire day without "checking in." But if I start I find it hard to stop. I need to just say no! at least once in a while. Happy New Year, Kate!

  3. Crazy, isn't it, to think we lived without all of this until so recently? I often feel like a junkie when I'm separated for too long from my email.

    Happy New Year, Kate!


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