Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Best Trip of 2009

December 1st arrives; sunny, cold and gorgeous in Seattle.

It's time to kick off Gwen Bell's (of gwenbell.com) December Best of 2009 blog challenge. A post a day for the month of December sharing what's been great about this year in various arenas appeals to me right about now when the pressures of the season start to bear down and my creativity takes a hike. Unlike some blog challenges, this one has few rules; posts can be short or long, and might be wordless and marked only by a meaningful photograph or two. 31 mini-topics laid out for the month of December sounds do-able especially when the highlights of 2009 are the focus. Positive, positive.

Topic for the day 1? That would be Trip: What was your best trip in 2009?

Although there were several out-of-town trips in 2009 including a mid-summer camping and pampering trip to Eastern Washington, five wonderful days in Houston in October visiting my sister and seeing her magnificent art show Second Seating, a weekend in Spokane for Gonzaga U's Fall Family Weekend, one trip takes the (wedding) cake.

The best trip of 2009 came in November 2009 with five great days spent in Walnut Creek, CA celebrating the marriage of my son, Chris to a most wonderful young woman named Heather.A time for reunions with family and friends not seen for years, a time for children, a time for laughs, a time for tears and joy, a time to join together with a new family; what's not to love?

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  1. You would have a very hard time finding a better trip than this one. And there are more good pictures! I love the idea of the "best of 2009" blog challenge and look forward to every post.


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