Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday Gift

This sleek, peacock blue leather bag was a gift to Mom when she turned 90 years old (today she turned 93!) and was what I call a "concept" gift. She admired the color of this bag as she paged through the Levenger catalog in early summer 2007. She mentioned the item multiple times admitting, "My, I'd love to own that bag." Purchasing a gift for an elderly person is tough; my Mom in particular has few needs and few wants so when I heard her admiration for this bag, I said to myself, "why not?".

The gift shipped in a large box, encased in its own protective, soft fabric sleeve. Mom was entranced with the gift but as predicted, there was no place for her to go with such a large handbag. After a point, when you go out on a shopping spree, you don't need a purse or a wallet; a caregiver brings along the credit card or cash.

So, the bag parked itself in its box under her dresser. Every once in awhile, we'd bring out the box and admire the purse's "lovely color" and style. Back in the box it would go. She never commented about the fact that she wasn't using the gift. I'm sure she imagined that "some day" she would.

When I went to the BlogHer Conference in NYC, I asked Mom if I could borrow her peacock blue bag and she was more than happy to oblige. It was the perfect size for my laptop and other necessities. Today, on her birthday, I brought it back and replaced it in the box under her dresser.

"Thanks, Mom."

Today I gave her a silver Ann Klein wrist watch to replace the old Timex she'd been using for years. This is a gift she'll use more than the briefcase style bag. Funny the gifts we select for those we love; some make no sense at all.


  1. You brought tears to my eyes! Such a sweet story and I think that it was wonderful that you bought her that peacock blue bag!

  2. What an elegant bag. I think it's wonderful that you were able to use it on your recent trip - like taking your mom with you in a way.

  3. at least someone can enjoy it! :)


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