Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Small Steps towards Adventure

I'm looking to "try new things" this year; a (sort of) birthday resolution rather than a New Year's resolution. But, knowing me, I'll start out with relatively tame adventures, ones that can be hidden if needed. Case in point: here's what I said YES to yesterday when the pedicurist offered me a flower design on my big toes. Usually I just smile and say NO THANKS when asked. What the hell, I thought. Why not?  This small step launches my resolution for big(ger) adventures.

Unfortunately, my day today has been totally boring. I didn't do a single thing I haven't done a jillion times before, including eating ice cream for dinner.


  1. Sweet reminder that summer isn't over the toes and the 'saying yes'. A wonderful blog I follow, 37 Days, has a post about having a day when you say yes to everything...a fun concept!

    Did I tell you about my new favorite ice cream? Ben and Jerrys Key Lime Pie--I ate the whole pint at one sitting and it was better than any pie!!

  2. Love the polish - and the idea of ice cream for dinner :-)

  3. haha were you inspired to get a flower bc I do?? hehe i'm touched! cute!


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