Thursday, August 5, 2010

Countdown to BlogHer 2010

Even though we slept in until just after 9 AM today, MM and I never stopped from that point on. Coffee was on the urgent must-do list as soon as we were dressed. Somehow we found ourselves in the hotel restaurant where the least expensive breakfast item was 15 bucks (no way).  We settled for "just coffee, thank you" and the tab came to 9 dollars. Yikes!

Heading out for the Museum of Modern Art and the Matisse exhibit, we split a  giant hot, salted pretzel from a street vendor. That was breakfast and it held us perfectly until lunch at the museum restaurant. MOMA was overwhelming; so much to see and so many people. The "people watching" was as wonderful as the art. Non-flash photography was allowed in portions of the museum so in addition to patrons texting and talking on phones, cameras were everywhere. The day was hot (94 degrees at 5 PM) and muggy so folks were dressed scantily. Lots of sandals, lots of bare arms and legs.

By mid afternoon we were sated with art and headed back to the hotel to re-group and cool off. With nothing on the agenda until a Blogher cocktail party at 7, we ventured out and underground to the subway station on 7th Avenue and headed downtown to Century 21 ("Fashion Worth Fighting For")  for a look-see. Crazed and wonderful all at once; an endless array of handbags, jewelry, clothing, shoes, all at bargain prices.

Although I'm not entirely sure where the surge of energy came from, we decided to walk from Church Street north for block after block, past Canal Street and on to West Broadway. Great people watching, sights, sounds, energy. It's New York, after all. What else can you say? We did call it quits at Washington Square near the NYU campus and hopped the subway back uptown. My feet, despite the practical shoes, were a swollen mess by early evening.

The Blogher party tonight was a bit disappointing. I went for the drinks; mine and half of MM's. They were weak; barely felt a thing. MM has been sleeping for a few hours now which is precisely what I should be doing. Tomorrow, bright and early BlogHer 2010 begins.

Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite! (not funny since NYC is in the midst of a bed bug infestation right now) I'm beginning to wonder if these "mosquito bites" on my legs might not be something more sinister. Hmmmm.

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